Monday, October 20, 2014

Welcome Back!

Today was a great start to our week. We kicked it off with the Recalypso Assembly. You guys created some pretty awesome instruments and our presenter was impressed! He was so much fun to watch and the kiddos had a blast! I currently cannot locate my cord to upload my photos! So...I will post them this week!

In math today, we took our first test as we closed unit 1. These kiddos should feel pretty proud! They are learning like crazy!

Reading Focus This Week:
1. Letter Mm
2. Sequencing: First, next, last
3. Retelling
4. Working Together/Jobs in Our Community

New POPCORN Words:

Please continue to work on popcorn words at home! Use the flashcard book and continue to add the cards as they come home each week, find them in text or out and about. Spell them, write them, and use them...Have fun with them! :)

Have a wonderful night! :)

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

We love apples! Yes we do! We love apples! How about you?

As I type, I can smell the applesauce just a cookin' in the crockpot! Mmm!

We had so much fun making it together as a TEAM!

We added ingredients and stirred...

We peeled...

Look at all our hard work!...

 We did word work with popcorn words and letters/sounds...

Made some paper apples...

And enjoyed our applesauce!


Have a wonderful weekend! :)

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

This morning we focused on teamwork and the importance of working with others. We worked a lot on the language we can use.

Look at how successful we were!...

We love apples!

Today we did some taste testing. We used lots of describing words to talk about taste, smell, touch, sound, and sight.

Next, we recorded our apple favorites data on a graph. 

We compared the numbers on our graph and found that kids in Room 7 like green apples the best.

To finish, we did some writing about our favorite apple. They copied my sentence and filled in their color.

It was a fun day and we are looking forward to being little chefs tomorrow!

Have a wonderful night! :)

Monday, October 13, 2014

Happy Monday!

We were busy bees today! This morning we worked with shapes, matching, number words, letter Zz, and color words.

Today's highlights:
1. Color Trains...Your child will be bringing home one of their own. Each kiddo worked VERY hard on their train! Could you please help your child find a place to hang it so that he/she can use it to learn the color words? We are really excited about what a great job we did! If you're anything like me...Your train may hang for quite some time. (My son's, who is a first-grader now, is still hanging up in our kitchen! It's a little faded, but we used it like crazy!)

2. Introduction to Apples...Today we learned about the life cycle of an apple tree and the plant parts, and how an apple comes about. We are excited to do some tasting and graphing tomorrow!

It was so fun to see kiddos carrying over what they've learned today about apples into their playtime! They made apple factories and apple orchards and much more!

Have a wonderful night! :)