Thursday, October 30, 2014

Today was full of anticipation of tomorrow being Halloween! But...We kept our focus by doing some pretty awesome learning activities to keep our brains learning...

Pattern Creating...We are working on being able to make different kinds of patterns...Check this out...

We played a fun game called, Would You Rather using our iPads. We used the results to talk about numbers and compare data...

 We read stories with friends...

We also read with our book buddies and talked/drew/wrote about how we can help others.

We had a great day!

Reminder for tomorrow!

 Send your child's Halloween costume to school tomorrow in a labeled plastic/paper bag! Our parade is at 2:00 pm at the high school. If you plan on picking up your child after the parade, come to Room 7 at Chatfield and check them out with me! Hope to see you there!

Have a wonderful night! :)

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

We had a great Wednesday!

Here are just a couple of the things we did today!

We greeted...

 Identified and made patterns with fun foam and beads...

 Used our iPads for popcorn words...

And made some S snakes...

Have a wonderful night! :)

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Yesterday we did our first round of our new Daily 5 station...Word Work! Word work is an independent work time where we are able to manipulate materials to build words. They loved it!

Today we took out the iPads and played some math games to help us with patterns!

 Have a wonderful night! :)

Monday, October 27, 2014

Happy Monday!

It's good to be back as I was out last Thursday and Friday. We were hard workers today!

In reading this week, we will be focusing on the following:

1. Helping One Another
2. Characters in a Story
3. Letter Ss
 4. Popcorn Words: you, my
 5. Beginning Sounds in Words
6. Rhyming Words
7. Vocabulary Words: admired, delicious, doubt, delight, fable, appears, future, handy, stray
8. Asking and Answering Questions About a Text
9. Action Verbs
10. Story Focus this week: The Little Red Hen

In math, we will be working with:
1. Number Identification
2. Counting
3. Showing Numbers Using Objects
4. Shapes
5. Patterns

Did you know??...

"Through play, children build literacy skills they need to be successful readers. By speaking to each other in socio-dramatic play, children use the language they heard adults read to them or say. This process enables children to find the meaning in those words."


I LOVE observing them simply play with each other during play time. It's amazing the way they take the learning we have accomplished for the day and apply it to their play. We take 25 minutes towards the end of each day. They are learning so much the whole entire time and having fun!

With that being said...I have a classroom wish...I am looking for any smaller dramatic play items that you may have that you no longer use. Things that come to mind are: Play food, play dishes, etc., dramatic play clothes, play tools...things along that nature. I'd be more than happy to collect your donations to build our dramatic play area. Thanks so much for considering!

Have a wonderful night! :)

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Today we read the book, Room on the Broom.

It made us giggle! We used this story to work on sequencing using the words...


Have a wonderful night! :)

Flashback From Yesterday!

Recalypso Assembly...

So much fun! :)